Software Engineering - The Soft Parts

Software Engineering - The Soft Parts 繁體中文翻譯

A day in my life | Lex Fridman 摘要

Lex Fridman daily workflow summary

Ask Dan abramov about JavaScript/Programming Questions

Ask Dan abramov about JavaScript/Programming Questions

Making Tailscale works with AdGuard

Making Tailscale works with AdGuard

2021 年度回顧

2021 Review

2021 Taipei Marathon

2021 Taipei Marathon

Distribute Coins in Binary Tree

Distribute Coins in Binary Tree solution

透過 Telegram Chat Bot API 傳送警告訊息

Sending alarm messages by Telegram Chat Bot API.

修正 Raspberry Pi setlocale 警告訊息

Fixing Raspberry Pi setlocale LC_ALL warning message.

使用 SSH Key 登入 Raspberry Pi

Setting SSH key to login Raspberry Pi.

從 GCE 上拉取 GCR 私有 Docker Image

Pull private from Google Container Registry on Google Cloud Engine.

透過 Ansible playbook 來手動安裝 Docker

Manual installation Docker by Ansible playbooks on GCE.

在 GCP 上執行你第一個 Ansible Ad-Hoc Command

Running your first Ansible Ad-Hoc command on the GCP.

防止 Firefox 開啟新分頁時跳到新分頁

Prevent open link in a new tab then switch immediately.

Linux Here Document 與 cat + EOF 的使用

Linux Here Document with cat and EOF.

深入淺出 GraphQL Pagination 實作

Learning how to implement GraphQL Pagination.

Web Autoplay 的限制

Autoplay Policy Note.

2019 東京馬拉松

2019 Tokyo Marathon.

TypeScript 的類型註釋基礎

TypeScript type annotation note.

將 iTerm2 作為 React-Native 的預設 Terminal

Setting iTerm as react native default CLI.

React Native 動態調整樣式

React Native dynamic styling.

在 Docker 上執行 Ethereum

Running Ethereum on Docker.

Kubernetes 初體驗 By minikube

Learning Kubernetes by minikube.

Kubernetes 官方文件基礎教學翻譯

Kubernetes officail docs translation.

初識 Protocol Buffers

Intro Protocol Buffers.

使用 CSS 動態調整 Bootstrap 的折疊按鈕圖示

Dynamic change open and close icon on bootstarp button collapse by pure CSS.

使用 ios-webkit-debug-proxy 來 debug iOS 上的 Safari

Use iwdp-debug-safari to debug on iOS Safari.

Docker Command CheatSheet

Docker Command CheatSheet

認識 JavaScript Iterable 和 Iterator

JavaScript Iterable and Iterator.

使用 Imagemagick 將 PDF 轉換成圖片

Convert PDF to Image by Imagemagick.

使用外部 form tag 來送出表單

Submit form by outside form tag.

在 Laravel 中搭配 Async Vue Component 使用

Laravel with Vue Async Component.

JavaScript Immutable Array

JavaScript Immutable Array.

(翻譯)The Behavior Of Channels

The Behavior Of Channels.

PHP 陣列的解構賦值

PHP Array Destructuring.

Go - io 標準函式庫學習筆記

Learning Go Standard `io` library.

Higher Order Component(HoC) 學習

Learning Higher Order Component(HoC).

Reactjs 和 Vuejs 建立 Component 的方式比對

Comparing react and vue to create component.

如何在 PHP 建立一個 Object

How to create Object in PHP.

為何要在 React 的 setState() 內傳入 function

Learning functional `setState` in react.

在 ZEIT now 上部署 Telegram Bot

Deployment Telegarm on ZEIT now.

在 Ubuntu 上自動更新 Atom 編輯器

Auto update Atom Editor on Ubuntu.

使用 Promise.all() 解決多次的 API Callback

Using `Promise.all()` solved API callback.

初識 GraphQL

Learning GraphQL.

Telegram Bot 開發起手式

Development Telegram Bot.

撰寫自己的 react package component

Writing your react pacakge and publish to npm.

JavaScript 設計模式與開發實踐 - Chapter 3

JavaScript Closure & High Order Function.

解決使用 php artisan serve browserSync 無法作用

Fixing browserSync by `php artisan serve`.

Rest Parameters - 剩餘參數

JavaScript Rest Parameters.

Reactjs - 簡易聊天室

Building simple chatroom by reactjs.

Beginning - ECMAScript 6

his is the note for learning ECMAScript 6.

JavaScript 常用陣列方法

JavaScript Array basic usage.